Are We Losing Our Global Connection

The world seems to be changing. Virus. Trade wars. Cold wars. Nationalism. Military escalations. Is the world really changing?

Fast forward to 2020. It seems we are moving towards a more nationalistic society focused on a country’s own interests and anti-immigration.

But are we really?

Can we really stop this “tidal wave” that started decades ago, with globalism. Will companies only be able to survive solely on their own economies or will they be dependent on world markets?

Since I was a kid, I was curious and interested in international business, perhaps from my passion for traveling and meeting well travelled individuals from around the world.

Now, as I enter mid- life, I have had the opportunity to experience extended amounts of travel,most of it through my international freelance consulting lifestyle that I created for myself. I’ve spent many years personally helping technology companies launch their products and services in international markets like India and Indonesia.

So as a contributor of this global movement, helping to expand companies across borders, I question if nationalism can really stop all of the progress that has been made over the last several decades.

In my honest and humble opinion, I absolutely do not believe so.

The last 1.5 years I have spent in Shenzhen,China working with Chinese mobile phone makers meeting and cooperating to help expand their sales into international markets with AI messaging software my USA client created. I have also had the opportunity to meet dozens of other mid-size Chinese companies in disruptive technologies, such as augmented/ virtual reality, robotics, IOT and AI.

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Raj and his O’Interface team meet China’s PUDU Robotics, which recently raised a $15 million Series B financing

Most of these companies are seeking to expand beyond mainland into new international mainstream and emerging markets. There is no thought of nationalism or pure focus with just the mainland. These Chinese companies seem to have great ambition, at least in the micro sample-size I have seen, based on my first hand experience.

I am excited about the prospects of modern Chinese companies using world class talent and brain power from citizens of the world, regardless of nationality. I am also excited. to see consumers and businesses getting to truly experience, “world-class products, from the best companies”, regardless of country of origin.

In my eyes, “The world is flat” concept definitely exists, and these short term tensions will not be able to stop this massive tidal wave, we call globalism.


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Raj Oswal, is the CEO and Founder of His company, based in Shenzhen China, and San Diego California, is a lead- generation and business development agency helping disruptive technology clients with international market expansion efforts. Raj is a California native resident, enjoys the great outdoors with his dog Coco and meeting people from around the world. He also launched an active community on WeChat for technology enthusiasts called, You can watch a brief introduction about his company here or add him here on WeChat to have a tea with him in Shekhou.