From California To Shenzhen

Follow a Silicon Valley entrepreneur’s journey, from the eyes of a foreigner, living in the modern Chinese city of Shenzhen, as a technology freelancer & with his dog, Coco.

跟随一个硅谷企业家的旅程,从一个外国人的视角,住在中国的现代城市深圳,一个科技领域的自由职业者,和他的狗 Coco.

Part 1: First day arrival with my dog, on China Southern,across international waters漂洋过海,第一天和我的狗抵达中国南端。

April 2019 — I arrived into Shenzhen on April of 2019. I came here without any expectation or knowledge of China. I have a USA based freelance technology company, and my USA client CEO, that develops AI messaging software, asked me to move here to make the cooperations with the large Chinese mobile phone companies, Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo, One Plus and others. So I packed my bags, and arrived.2019年4月我抵达了深圳,我对中国一无所知也没有任何期望。我有一个美国的科技公司,自由职业,我的美国客户首席执行官,开发人工智能信息软件,让我搬到这里与中国大型手机公司,Oppo,小米,Vivo, One Plus和其他合作。于是我收拾好行李来到了这里。

My first challenge was how to get my dog, Coco, on the business class flight with me. She was registered as a USA Emotional Support Animal , but convincing China Southern to accept her on board was no easy task.我遇到的第一个挑战是如何让我的狗Coco和我一起坐商务舱。她被登记为美国情感支持动物,但说服南航让她登机并不是一件容易的事。

I was living in India at the time. It took several months of trying, calling China Southern HQ call center, several rejections, and applying and reapplying for in-flight flying. Finally, I was able to connect with the India country-head of China Southern, and also the Guangzhou country-head as well, since Guangzhou was the location I was flying into from Delhi. I chose Guanzhou because I found out in my research that Guanzhou did not require any sort of external dog quarantine upon arrival. Coco could leave the airport with me, and just have a self imposed home quarantine! So, Coco was officially ready to become the first dog, in the airplane cabin, sitting next to me, from Delhi India to Guanzhou, China!那时我住在印度。我花了几个月的时间尝试打电话给南航总部的呼叫中心,几次被拒绝,申请又重新申请。最后,我联系上了南航的印度负责人,还有广州负责人,因为我从德里飞到广州。我选择广州是因为我在调查中发现,在到达广州后,狗不需要任何形式的外部检疫。可可可以和我一起离开机场,然后居家隔离!所以,可可正式准备成为第一只在飞机机舱里的狗,坐在我旁边,从印度德里到中国广州!

Mission #1 — Success!

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International freelancing for me, though I can face uncertainty, provides balance, adventure and exciting new possibilities. The opportunity to work on new projects is consistently stimulating and is a lifestyle I would have a tough time changing, especially for the corporate employee life. 国际自由职业对我来说,尽管我要面对不确定性,但它提供了平衡、冒险和令人兴奋的新的可能性. 在新项目上工作的机会总是令人兴奋的,这是一种我很难改变的生活方式. 尤其是对于在企 业员工的生活.