International Freelancing

International Freelancing vs the Corporate Lifestyle, Connections, Networking & Carving My Niche.


International freelancing can be an enjoyable and stimulating experience. Over the years, I have tried to “carve my own niche” using my strengths to create an income generating lifestyle that maintains fun, adventure and an overall good balance of life. 国际自由职业者可以是一个愉快和刺激的经验。这么多年来,我一直试图利用自己的优势 “开拓自己的小天地”,创造一种能带来收入的生活方式,既能保持乐趣、冒险,又能保持生活的整体平衡.

For me, I have centered my freelance work around my travel experiences by spending many years working with CEO’s and founders of disruptive technology companies that need help with international go-to-market sales and business development work. 对我来说,我把我的自由职业工作集中在我的旅行经历上,我花了许多年的时间与颠覆性科技公司的CEO和创始人一起工作,这些公司在进入国际市场的销售和业务发展方面需要帮助.

For example, the last 1.5 years I have spent in Shenzhen,China working on behalf of a Silicon Valley, USA client to cooperate with Chinese mobile phone makers. We have integrated AI messaging software that uses IP technology, for the India market. Think “iMessage” for Android! 比如在过去的一年半时间里,我呆在中国深圳,代表美国硅谷的一个客户与中国手机制造商合作。我们为印度市场整合了使用IP技术的人工智能通讯软件. 那就是安卓的 “iMessage”.

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International Business Development Cooperations with large Chinese Mobile brand

One aspect about freelancers that is not easy is the feeling of instability versus that of a corporate lifestyle. I have realized that my freelance projects will not last forever. I have recognized that every few years my work or KPI objectives for my clients come to an end. Although it can be a sad realization, at that point I realize that it is good to bid farewell and let go of my emotional attachment of the company. I then need to restart building my pipeline for new initiatives and projects. 自由职业者不容易的一个方面是与公司的生活方式相比的不稳定感。我意识到我的自由职业生涯不会永远持续下去。我意识到每隔几年我的工作或为客户制定的KPI目标就会结束。虽然这可能是一个悲伤的认识,在那一点上,我意识到这是好的告别,并放弃我对公司的情感依恋。然后我需要重新开始为新的计划和项目建立途径.

I’m doing just that as we speak. Over the last several months, I have arranged meetings with dozens of mid-size Chinese companies using disruptive technologies, such as augmented/ virtual reality, robotics, IOT and AI, in search of new clients. These companies are all looking for strategies and connections in expanding their products/ services beyond the Chinese market and that is where I can help. 我们说话的时候我就在这么做。在过去的几个月里,我与数十家使用颠覆性技术(如增强/虚拟现实、机器人、物联网和人工智能)的中国中型企业安排了会议,以寻找新客户. 这些公司都在寻找策略和联系,在中国市场之外扩展他们的产品/服务,这是我可以帮助的地方.

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About to enter the SVV (Silicon Valley Ventures) “Dust Free Room” in Shenzhen, an end-to-end engineering and manufacturing company for complex B2B devices.进入SVV(硅谷风险投资)深圳的“无尘室”,一家面向复杂B2B设备的端到端的工程和制造公司。

Most of these companies are seeking to expand beyond mainland into new international mainstream and emerging markets. These companies seem to have great ambition, based on my first hand experience. 这些公司大多寻求在中国内地以外的地区扩张,进入新的国际主流市场和新兴市场. 根据我的亲身经验,这些公司似乎有很大的野心.

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O’Intefrace learning about Medical AI with China’s Infervision 正在和中国的Infervision学习医疗人工智能技术 《Watch Video》:

Within China:

In meeting these clients, I have seen that disruptive technology is definitely advancing here in mainland China. For example, recently, I went on a drive with a friend of mine that works at 字节跳动(ByteDance ). We drove his amazing Nio SUV which could become a major Tesla competitor. The video below is a “battery swap” station in Shenzhen, where you have your battery swapped out (instead of charging). Very efficient (5–10 minute process) and these stations are all over the city!

在与这些客户的会面中,我看到了颠覆性技术在中国大陆的发展。例如,最近,我和我的一个在字节跳动工作的朋友开车兜风。我们驾驶着他那酷炫的Nio SUV,它可能成为特斯拉的主要竞争对手。下面的视频是深圳的一个“电池更换站”,在这里你可以更换电池(而不是充电)。非常高效(5–10分钟的过程),这些车站遍布深圳!

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Watch battery swap live 观看交换电池的现场操作《Watch》:

Within China:

I am excited about the prospects of modern Chinese companies using world class talent and brain power from citizens of the world, regardless of nationality. I am also excited to see consumers and businesses getting to truly experience, “world-class products, from the best companies”, regardless of country of origin. Even though it’s tough times for globalization, I’m a firm believer and think it is here to stay. 我对中国现代企业的前景感到兴奋,这些企业雇用世界级别的人才,不分国籍. 我也很高兴看到消费者和企业能够真正体验到“来自最好的公司的世界级产品”,无论它们来自哪个国家。尽管这是全球化的艰难时期,我坚定地相信留在这里是对的.

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 International freelancing for me, though I can face uncertainty, provides balance, adventure and exciting new possibilities. The opportunity to work on new projects is consistently stimulating and is a lifestyle I would have a tough time changing, especially for the corporate employee life. 

国际自由职业对我来说,尽管我要面对不确定性,但它提供了平衡、冒险和令人兴奋的新的可能性. 在新项目上工作的机会总是令人兴奋的,这是一种我很难改变的生活方式. 尤其是对于在企 业员工的生活